K-hair.com: The top website in selling hair extensions

With the booming of technology, especially e-commerce in this decade, the Internet has brought about the services that can meet the demand of shopping of people around the world. According to several reports, the most popular shopping items are beauty products including human hair extensions. Along with the Internet-based enterprises like Amazon, Aliexpress… the purchasers also have a preference for shopping directly on the brand’s website. If you are a hair extensions lover wanting to search for a distributor of hair at wholesale price or wanting to start a business with a reliable vendor, take a visit to the website khair.com as this is an ideal option for you.


Khair.com is the official website of a wholesale hair extensions company in Vietnam- K Hair. Has been founded since the 1990s, the company has a long experience in the hair business. The company is located in Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam that is known as the most developing city in the country. The firm is run by CEO Daniel who has a great passion of making khair.com become the top merchant in the global human hair extensions field. khair.com is working hard to establish a long-term relationship with the African market, which includes Nigeria, Brazil, and other countries. Furthermore, khair.com is eager to approach such a prospective European market because our items are unquestionably qualified in every way. In reality, khair.com has three enterprises in Vietnam, Nigeria, and the United Nations that have greatly developed in order to reach this aim. K-Hair factory is considered among the best places for Nigerian hair sellers to buy from.

In order to attract the attention of international consumers, the CEO of K Hair has taken full advantage of social media and the Internet. From the first days of running, there is a Youtube channel of khair.com created to post the promoting videos for the company. The videos are a few minutes length with diversified contents and professional editing. Thanks to the endless effort of the K Hair crew, the factory’s channel soon received the Silver Button. In addition, khair.com is the website of the company to identify the brand as well as promote the hair products. The interested people and regular customers can also contact the salesmen through the contact information available on the website and order hair extensions directly. There are also other contents on khair.com website; for instance, there are catalogs providing the articles about the understanding of hair types, hair care tips and advice. There is also a secret behind the success of this vendor on the khair.com website.


The customer service is considered as a crucial factor to make a hair vendor reliable and khair.com shows the pleasing policies of the K Hair company. K Hair takes personal information from target individuals and customers in legal methods. The data is gathered for the correct reasons, such as tailoring the customer’s experience, soliciting comments to enhance the company’s service, or verifying the delivery address when items are bought. K Hair pledges to keep your personal information private and will not sell, trade, transfer, or give it to other hair vendors. The contact information, as well as basic information such as location, gender, and phone number, are acquired via the registration forms on the websites. Other sources include the information on your accessing device and direct provision from the salesperson. Furthermore, there are payment methods, logistic support available on the website khair.com.


The spotlight of khair.com website is the product catalog with the finest prices. The hair extensions products of K Hair are made 100% from real human hair. This hair originates from local Vietnamese condors who inhabit distant highland places. When compared to other countries like Chinese hair factory, Vietnamese human hair is regarded as the most valuable hair material because the country’s atmosphere, along with the limited use of chemical treatments on the hair, retains the natural hair’s strength and silkiness. The hair source is the same, as the hair of those local women has identical qualities. 


Because there is no mediator, K Hair extensions are reasonable while preserving high quality. K Hair’s human hair extensions are produced from actual condor hair taken by groups of condors with similar hair qualities. K Hair human hair extensions are somewhat more luxurious than Indian or Chinese hair because the standard of original hair is much greater than that of other firms from other countries because these native women rarely use chemical cosmetics on their hair, it is smooth and healthy. However, the price goes with the quality; the slogan on the website khair.com is “Quality is King”; thus, that cost offered is acceptable.


On the website khair.com, there is a special catalog for international hair vendors: Stakeholder policies. It is advantageous to be a K Hair stakeholder because when you order more than 5kg of hair, you may be eligible for a 5% discount. There are also unexpected presents and the certification of becoming a K Hair cooperator. Furthermore, the communicational assistance is supportive and sincere. To be honest, investors, employees, and consumers, particularly those from Nigeria, are among their stakeholders. Hair salon proprietors, small suppliers, and frequent consumers are all examples of these folks. Around 10000 K Hair stakeholders are based in foreign countries, with Nigeria accounting for almost half of them. If you become a K Hair stakeholder, you will be eligible for a number of appealing benefits. 


In conclusion, khair.com has a material form of website for the wholesale human hair vendor to develop their business. With the professional organization of catalogs, the information is delivered comprehensively to the website visitors. The knowledge provided by the writing texts is exclusive and valuable for the fan of hair extensions. When it comes to khair.com, it is not simply an e-commerce for hair products, it is other values given by the K Hair crew such as the advice for hair business from experts’ viewpoint, the experience through the way to become the top hair vendor and even the dark side of this business field. 

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