5S Hair- the best Vietnamese hair extension wholesale supplier

Founded in1989, 5S Hair Factory has experienced more than 30 years of serving and supplying hair extensions as a wholesale supplier globally. With their long-term experience in this hair industry, 5S Hair Factory has undefeatable features which can not be found at any other hair vendors. It is expressed through their hair quality, excellent customer service…

Remarkable achievement in hair extension wholesale supplier.

During more than 3 decades of building the company, 5S Hair factory has achieved noticeable success.

  • Completely expanded the size of the factory and increased the productivity up to hundreds of employees and hair experts.
  • Thanks to the great volume of human resources, the factory has the ability to produce tons of hair products each month. The fact number shows that 5S Hair Factory has supplied more than 2000kg of hair extension monthly.
  • The wholesale partner list of 5S Hair Factory is unstoppably increasing day by day. At the present, they are the main hair extension wholesale supplier of thousands of hair beauty businesses, hair salons, hair extensionist groups or corporations all over the world from America to Europe, flying back to Africa and landing in Asia.      

Why 5S Hair Factory becomes the best Vietnamese hair extension wholesale supplier.

When it comes to 5S Hair Factory, we automatically think of the professional and high-standard hair brand with convenience and benefits they have brought to the hair industry and positive impact on women’s hair  beauty.

 The special origin of the hair makes 5S Hair Factory’s products outstanding and different.

  • All of the 5S Hair’s products have their origin 100% in Vietnamese mountainous areas. They are collected from young healthy ethnic women with long, strong and natural hair.     
  • They have never experienced any process of bleaching, dying or curly and without being damaged by ultraviolet rays because of less exposure to the strict and over-strong sun light.
  • Ethnic women do not use chemical shampoo to wash their hair like city girls or women. This means their hair is protected from the harm of dangerous chemicals.


    Vietnamese ethnic woman with beautiful long and strong hair

All together, the 5S Hair’s products have a clear and strong-featured origin. So, undoubtedly their quality must obviously belong to another higher level.

The intensive care in sourcing and manufacturing process for hair extension wholesale.

A good hair origin is not enough to create a versatile product. It is like a professor’s children can be jobless, under-educated or even commit a crime. The way you process and build it up is much more important. 5S Hair Factory has done a very good job.

  •  After being collected from ethnic women, the hair will be washed and sourced carefully depending on their state, length…
  • This process has the involvement of hair experts and experienced staff from 5S Hair factory. The hair that does not meet the ruled standard will be eliminated without any hesitation.
  • Then, the output hair will be used to make hair extension products mostly manually. What is made by hand, is all valuable and worth-consumed.

 5S Hair Factory has a wide diversity in product materials, which support hair extension wholesale process.

You can be surprised that all fashionable, trendy kinds of hair extension can be found easily with 5S Hair Factory. It doesn’t exaggerate to say that 5S Hair Factory sells everything in the world from Raw Vietnamese hair, weft, clip in, virgin straight, ponytail, bone straight….Why don’t you give it a try, right?

5S Hair Factory’s products have a long-term durability and wide variety in length, colors, styles

  • You can be surprised that 5S Hair products have their expiry time last more than 5 years when being used and preserved in a right ways. Please kindly contact us for details on wig and hair extension care for long-term using.
  • All products from 5S vary in length from 18 inch(45cm) to 32 inch( 80cm) and different colors from black. red, brown, green to complicated and trendy color. You can choose easily and freely.
  • You can also creatively dye or bleach the hair as you wish and it will make no problem or trouble.

A brilliant and professional customer service from 5S Hair Factory.

You can easily find out multi compliment for 5S Hair’s sales team on various feedback or reviews from customers who experienced the service and hair products of 5S Hair Factory.

  • They have excellent sales staff giving helpful information to the customer. 
  • They are very attentive and good listeners who are always ready to help and answer questions from customers and make them feel that they are cared for and listened to when coming to 5S Hair Factory.
  • They are young, energetic and enthusiastic.

 Incredibly quick shipping time for overseas orders and supportive feedback from customers.

  • Shipping time is also an important element that customers will consider when they make their decision to purchase hair extensions, especially as a wholesale package. 5S Hair provide customers with quick and safe shipment, usually take you only few days to get your orders delivered
  • After experiencing the whole process from ordering online to using the high quality products from 5S Hair, customers usually leave a nice feedback or even make a review video and recommend 5S Hair to their friends and business partners. This is a good sign of development and successful company.

Product price list of 5S Hair Factory.

On the whole, the price of 5S Hair is remarkably reasonably cheap compared to other hair vendors in Vietnam and other areas.With such high quality and super low-priced compared to others like Chinese Hair Extensions Factory 5S Hair will be something you will regret if you miss the chance to buy one product from them.

Further information on wholesale deals and promotions.

If you are considering buying as a wholesale for your hair business in your countries. Please directly contact us for more information, business advice or available promotions at WhatsAap number +84855555754 – Ms. Lily- Sales manager.

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