A good cinnamon oil supplier is your trusted partner

 In recent years, a growing number of people buy cinnamon oil for various uses. As a result, traders are interested in working with cinnamon oil supplier to buy and resell this product. 

An overview of the cinnamon oil supplier

A cinnamon oil supplier is defined as a business or an individual that supplies large volumes of cinnamon oil to buyers and retailers. 

There are two varieties of products provided by a cinnamon oil supplier: Cassia cinnamon oil and Ceylon cinnamon oil. The former is more common and cheaper with a stronger, more bitter taste. Meanwhile, Ceylon is far more expensive. It is characterized by a sweeter flavor. Both types are used in aromatherapy to reduce depression and anxiety. They are also useful in treating colds and flu. Cinnamon oil suppliers provide for manufacturers of cinnamon oil burners and warmers as common household devices. 

A cinnamon oil supplier is most likely to be located in Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and Sri Lanka. These regions are ideal for growing cinnamon trees thanks to their soil and climate. 

Factors that influence the price of the cinnamon oil supplier

Traders can notice changes in a cinnamon oil supplier’s policy. They can be caused by the following elements:

  • Supply of cinnamon oil: The greater the supply, the more diverse choices buyers will have in terms of product grades and origins. For example, cinnamon oil suppliers can offer products from Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. These products will differ in their tastes and colors, allowing buyers to choose the most suitable one based on their preferences. The price of cinnamon oil can be affected by the use of split cinnamon (or any other material to extract oil). Split cinnamon refers to cinnamon sticks that have been broken into smaller pieces. When cinnamon oil is extracted from split cinnamon, it may result in lower yields compared to using whole cinnamon sticks. This can result in a higher cost of production, which may be passed on to the consumer in the form of a higher price for cinnamon oil.
  • Demands for cinnamon oil: The global need for cinnamon oil is rising, which supports cinnamon oil supplier in their future development. 
  • Logistic charges and operations: A cinnamon oil supplier can be heavily influenced by logistic costs and operations. If the shipment cost rises, they will have to increase the price of the product as well. If a shipment is delayed, cinnamon oil might be damaged, which is undesirable for any supplier. 
  • Governmental policies: A government’s support for exports is extremely important for any supplier, especially cinnamon oil supplier. For example, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement is great news for them, since the agreement eliminates tariffs and allows cinnamon oil to be imported more easily at a cheaper price. 

How you can find a good cinnamon oil supplier

You can look for a cinnamon oil supplier on the following platforms: Search engines (such as Google and Bing), agricultural trade fairs, yellow pages, e-commerce sites, and social media.

To be considered reliable, a cinnamon oil supplier must have the following traits:

  • Showing clear and transparent business information with a business registration
  • Having awards and certificates relating to cinnamon
  • Having worked with prestigious partners before

A bogus cinnamon oil supplier might show the signs below: 

  • Giving clients unclear and ambiguous business information
  • Offering a very low price with too many discounts 

Steps to cooperate with the cinnamon oil supplier

Typically, when working with a cinnamon oil supplier, your business will go through the 5 essential steps:

  • Step 1: The buyer sends a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Step 2: The buyer and the distributor discuss reaching guide about cinnamon oil suppliera final FCO
  • Step 3: The two sides agree on a payment method, packaging, and other terms. The buyer may request a sample
  • Step 4: The supplier sends the delivery after receiving payments
  • Step 5: The buyer receives their goods and checks the quality.
  • Step 6: The buyer may give some feedback to the distributor on their service. 

Top 5 prestigious cinnamon oil supplier

If your business wants to work with a reputable cinnamon oil supplier, this list of 5 well-known ones might be helpful


Founded in 1996, this Vietnamese company is a pioneer in exporting agricultural products. K-Agriculture has successfully worked with clients from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, as well as the USA. 

Lak Cinnamon

Lak Cinnamon is based in Sri Lanka. The company’s priority is customer satisfaction and the highest product quality. Its products range from cinnamon oil to cinnamon powder and chips. 

The Commerce Company

Despite being a fairly new business, The Commerce Company has established an excellent reputation. The company also offers customized products as their clients prefer. 

Kanta Enterprises Private Limited

This Indian business offers an impressive range of products, as its cinnamon oil can be tailored for various purposes. It can be used in pharmacy or in cooking. 


Vigon’s cinnamon oil is famous for its strong and hot flavor. Therefore, many customers prefer its products over those from other companies. 


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