How long does hair have to be for loc extensions?

One of the well-known hairstyles that were initially made popular by Nigerian women’s hair and afterwards spread over the world is loc extensions. 

How much hair must be long to use loc extensions?

Thick hair is required since dreadlocks are braided or braids that resemble ropes.

  • For people with thin hair, which is described as having less hairs per square inch on the scalp, using loc extensions on thin hair is the easiest option. It can be difficult to balance the unequal hair density and thinness while sectioning the dreads to make them uniform in size.
  • Contrary to popular belief, thin hair does not become fragile and prone to breaking when loc extensions are worn. We use a residue-free shampoo as well as an anti-build up shampoo when caring for dreadlocks to avoid product build-up on the scalp, which is a typical reason for hair thinning.
  • Dreadlock hairstyles, on the other hand, have the opposite impact. In order to stimulate the scalp and encourage the growth of new hair, we perform a backlash operation and apply additional moisturizers on a regular basis. Given that we are knowledgeable about the minimum length of hair required for loc extensions, we have conducted in-depth research and analysis to give you the most complete instructions and suggestions for applying loc extensions to fine hair.

How to apply locs on too-thin hair

The basic steps for answering the issue “how to use loc extensions on thin hair?” are outlined in this section, along with supplementary maintenance guidance.

Select the best type of hair extension

Many people prefer synthetic loc extensions since they are less expensive. 

  • However, actual human hair is the best option because it cannot be styled or bleached. There are several companies that provide real human hair extensions, including unprocessed factories that produce hair from Cambodia and Vietnam, where Vietnamese hair is still in high demand.
  • Avoid buying loc extensions for thin hair with two ends. Similar to long locs without a twist in the middle are these extensions. For those that require additional room in their loc, super double drawn hair loc extension is a fantastic option. The weight of the extensions will tug on your scalp and cause hair loss, though, if they are fastened too tightly.
  • If you want a full head of locs, sisterlocks or Microlocks, which can occasionally be a little hefty, are better options for thin hair. To make room for a particular size of loc extension, your hair must be separated. If your hair is not too thin, you’ll probably have bigger, spookier bits. Consider the alternative, which uses natural loc extensions to offer fewer portions and a larger style on thin hair.

Add loc extensions if your hair is fine

The “needle test” must be completed before adding loc extensions to thin hair. You might not be able to add extensions on your own if your locs are too tight.

  • Put a needle into a thick part of the loc to perform the needle test. You can place loc extensions on thin hair by yourself if the needle slides. If not, you’ll need loc adhesive to place your extensions correctly. With one hand, firmly grasp the extension’s tail end. After that, section by section through your hair starting at the clip with a wide-tooth comb. Points will start to form as the hair starts to gather small knots. Until it is completely secure, the extension needs to be brushed and smoothed.
  • Your locs should be ready. Before adding any extensions, thin haired people should already have their hair in locs. 
  • If your locs’ tips have grown dull, trim and smooth them. At the end of your loc extensions, one to two inches of hair should hang loosely. Then, fine loc-adorned hair extensions are fastened. It’s not too straightforward, so going to the salon is an excellent option if you don’t mind paying for it.

Care guidelines for fine hair loc extensions

If you want your loc extensions on thin hair to last longer without damaging your natural hair or scalp, keep the following in mind.

  • The first step in preventing scalp stress is to select high-quality, extremely double drawn hair extensions. Always be on the watch because the market is filled with phony hair sellers.
  • Your extensions should be braided or rolled in lotion on the first day. You may avoid blisters, thin out difficult areas, and get the optimum amount of tightness with any slim fit. Loc extensions should be washed twice a week if the hair is thin. Too many washes might cause your curls to loosen and turn frizzy. But they’ll start to smell if you don’t wash them frequently enough. Use a shampoo that doesn’t leave a film on your skin to avoid shampoo buildup. Never use a conditioner or cleaning product of any type.
  • Always use silk or satin pillows and sheets to reduce rubbing that could loosen or wrap your extensions between your head and the cushion. Also recommended is the wearing of a sleeping hat in a similar color.

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