Queen Hair – The number 1 hair factory

 Queen Hair has more than twenty years of experience in the hair field. This company has been providing hair for many big brands in the world.

The foundation of Queen Hair

Queen Hair is now the leading hair factory in Vietnam. Queen Hair has its own hair factory and has many experience in the hair industry. The company is a reputable supplier with thousands of customers.


The foundation of Queen Hair

  • Jessica – the CEO of Queen Hair, established the firm twenty years ago. Jessica is the oldest daughter of a farming family. Throughout the process of growing up, she always wanted to make a change so that she could help her family and the village.
  • Jessica later entered a very prestigious university, from which she began to look for a career to develop. During a field trip in the mountains, she discovered a very potential industry in the Northwest region of Vietnam, which is human hair trade.
  • After that, she began to study and research the hair industry and realized that although this is an extremely developed market in the Americas, Europe as well as Africa, Vietnam still has a factory. Which produces hair. Meanwhile, Vietnam is famous for its thick, smooth and straight hair, with such a huge source of hair, Jessica decided to create the first hair factory back then.

Queen Hair

  • Jessica had made a contract with women. Therefore, she will come to collect their hair every month, in return they will have to have a very good hair care regimen. The women here will have a healthy diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs. So, their hair is extremely smooth, silky and healthy. Therefore, Queen Hair is guaranteed to offer excellent Vietnamese hair quality for all customers. 
  • Jessica also researches the most modern machinery and hires experienced hairdressers to produce the most high quality hair as possible together.
  • Thanks to that, Queen Hair has gradually developed and become one of the most prestigious and largest factories in Vietnam. Up to now, Queen Hair has worked with many major hair brands in the world and is known as one of the hair suppliers with the best hair quality.

Queen Hair can ensure that every product that reaches the customer is checked for quality. Queen Hair has many different departments, each with a mission to ensure all hair types are of the highest quality.

The characteristics of Queen Hair’s product

In case you do not know, Queen Hair is one of the best factories in Vietnam with an affordable price. Here are some of the outstanding features of Queen Hair.

The high quality of Queen Hair

Queen Hair provides the highest quality. Queen Hair has a great reputation in providing amazing quality hair extensions for more than twenty years.


The high quality of Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair collects the hair from healthy donors in the mountain areas. These women have a balanced diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs. Therefore, the hair is extremely smooth, silky and healthy.
  • Queen Hair has many experience in the hair field. The company has worked with many big hair brands, so they know how to produce the hair without damaging it.

Queen Hair has a quality control department, therefore, they can guarantee that every hair coming from Queen Hair has the greatest quality.

The affordable price of Queen Hair

Queen Hair has an extremely affordable price. It is hard to find a factory that has a reasonable price like Queen Hair but still has high quality hair.


The affordable price of Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair is based in the raw material area. This means that Queen Hair collects its hair directly from the women in the country rather than importing from abroad. Because of this, the expenses are much lower, Queen Hair do not have to pay additional fees such as shipping fee, operation fee or taxes. 
  • Queen Hair produces the hair on a massive scale. Moreover, the labor costs in Vietnam are lower than many other countries, so the expenses are minimized.

The diversity of Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair has a wide range of hairstyles. This is the reason why many hair brands choose Queen Hair as their hair source.


The diversity of Queen Hair’s products

  • Queen Hair has many experience in the hair field, so they know exactly what their customers need in terms of styles and colors.
  • Queen Hair has high quality hair, so the hair will not be damaged when producing. That is why Queen Hair can make many hairstyles.

To sum up, Queen Hair has all three features: Affordability, diversity and high quality. 

Queen Hair customer service is always ready to answer any questions! 



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