The best Vietnamese hair provider is Queen Hair

In 2012, Queen Hair initially opened its doors. Queen Hair’s facility is located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and it employs hundreds of people across six divisions. 

Queen Hair is divided into six sections

Queen Hair is proud to announce that it provides customers with the best hair products that are ethically produced. Hair is collected from Vietnamese mountain tribes by Queen Hair. These donors maintain a healthy lifestyle by washing their hair with herbs and eating a well-balanced diet. Their hair is silky and smooth as a consequence. 


Queen Hair is divided into six sections

  • The weft division of our plant employs highly educated personnel who produce the best quality weft in the shortest time possible. We use the most advanced machine technology to create the highest quality hair. 
  • Thousands of hair types are produced each month in the closure and frontal areas. We can develop hundreds of different haircuts because of the extensive experience of our manufacturing personnel, ensuring that we can meet the demands of each client. 

Queen Hair has 6 departments

  • Straight hair is ideal. To get this hairstyle, workers must have proper expertise in order to generate silky, smooth, and tangle-free hair. Queen hair promises to supply the greatest quality Vietnamese hair on a consistent basis. 
  • The Curly area requires skilled staff with considerable attention and ability to achieve the most perfect curls. With our high-tech equipment, we can produce over a hundred different curly hairstyles. 
  • In the subject of color, we set ourselves apart from other manufacturers. With over 50 different hair colors and the most up-to-date hair dryers, we can assure the brightest color while maintaining silky smooth hair. 

The production process at Queen Hair 

Queen Hair offers high-quality, low-cost products to Nigerian customers. “Quality first” is Queen Hair’s core motto. 


The production process at Queen Hair

  • After the hair has gone through all of the production procedures, it will be transported to the quality control department, where staff will extensively check and evaluate the hair’s quality, ensuring that it reaches our consumers in the best possible condition. Therefore, Queen Hair provides the best raw Vietnamese hair.
  • After that, the hair will be taken to the packing and shipping department, where it will be wrapped and delivered to clients. 
  • Furthermore, we have over 60 employees working in the customer service, sales, and media departments who are available to advise and speak with consumers at any time of day or night. 
  • Each customer that visits Queen Hair is referred to as a Queen, and we treat them as such by delivering the best hair quality and customer service. Customers, we believe, are the ones who have given us our Crown. 

Queen Hair’s beginnings 

Ms. Jessica is the eldest daughter of a farming family, and she has always wanted to help and change things for the family. Jessica was the first in her family to enroll in college. After getting admitted into a prestigious college, she was determined to make a difference. 


Queen Hair’s beginnings

  • While on a field trip in the highlands of western Vietnam, she discovered a very new and promising industry: human hair. After learning more about these people’s hairstyles, she was determined to build the first hair factory in Vietnam. 
  • She’s spent years researching cutting-edge technology and creative methods to apply them to the production process. She formed a long-term agreement with the mountain people, committing to visit them once a month to get her hair done. In return, they wash their hair with traditional Chinese medicine and take careful care of their hair. 
  • Over the years, Queen Hair from Vietnam has grown into one of Vietnam’s largest and most reputable hair product companies. Thousands of hairdressing brands throughout the world utilize Queen Hair as a hairdressing agency. 

Queen Hair’s establishment story

Queen Hair has years of experience in the sector and understands the client’s needs and the kind of hair that has to be developed. Queen Hair has a team of hair stylists that specialize in creating innovative hair extension ideas and ensuring that each hairstyle is of the greatest quality. Queen Hair is divided into six departments, each of which is in charge of a distinct responsibility to ensure that all Queen Hair products are of the highest quality when they reach their customers. 

Queen Hair is always confident in her products and goes above and above to guarantee customer satisfaction. Over the previous two decades, Queen Hair has grown significantly, and we thank all of our customers for their ongoing support and purchases. 

Queen Hair’s customer service is always available to answer your inquiries and provide advice!


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