These Unique Womens Bags Would Make You Stand Out

Here is the list of the best unique womens bags that will not let you down.

1. The brands of unique womens bags in the world

First, let’s take a look at the brands that make unique womens bags in the fashion field.

1.1. NOIRANCA unique womens bags

Inspired by an iconic woman, the endless silhouettes of the Neulanka bag are woven with freshness, charisma and savoir-faire.


NOIRANCA unique womens bags

  • The back story: NOIRANCA is a stylish handbag brand that stands for individuality, sustainability and empowerment, rewriting the essential elements of traditional bags: traceability, transparency and active consumption.
  • Products: handbags, unique womens bags, shoulder bags and so on.T hey have prices for about $220-$280.
  • Style: Combining freshness, charisma and savoir-faire, the NOIRANCA bag offers unprecedented shapes in stylish shades. This makes every bag one of the unique womens bags.

1.2. Ecosusi unique womens bags

  • Beauty and fashion are multifaceted because every woman is born to be unique and independent.
  • This brand’s unique womens bags have the price range of $50-S150.
  • Style: Ecosusi is committed to caring for the environment by creating animal-friendly and eco-friendly products. As our target customers are women, Ecosusi supports women’s self-reliance growth and believes that every woman can achieve success and fame in her chosen field.

2. Some models for unique womens bags that you should consider

Having known about the brands, here are the best selected unique womens bags for you.

2.1. COCCINELLE unique womens bags

A special name that makes you want to own this unique womens bags: Never Without a Bag.


COCCINELLE unique womens bags

  • These unique womens bags from Coccinelle’s Never without Bag collection. Equipped with large and spacious pockets designed for learning materials. If you wear this bag with a long silk dress to school, you will surely become a unique woman.
  • These unique womens bags have the price of $380-$420 and for the Black color with patterns.
  • These unique womens bags have a dimension of 36x27x13cm.
  • These unique womens bags are made of Jacquard fabric and top grain leather, very durable and fashionable.

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2.2. PelletteriaGoods unique womens bags

The bag design is characterized by a round shape, but even this round shape can be solved with any shape as long as it is made of leather. These make it the unique womens bags.


PelletteriaGoods unique womens bags

  • The rounded unique womens bags design is one-of-a-kind and makes you special. At PelletteriaGoods, you can also customize this round bag to your liking and create your own bag.
  • These unique womens bags are sold for a price of $125 in multiple colors: Black, Green, Pink, Red, Burgundy, Dark Blue and so on.
  • These unique womens bags in circle have the diameter of 22 cm, side width 8 cm.
  • These unique womens bags are made of genuine leather.

2.3. uniquedesignbyipek unique womens bags

A crochet bag provides plenty of room for your belongings and adds a unique look to your style.


uniquedesignbyipek unique womens bags

  • These unique womens bags are made in the colors of orange and lilac for the dimension of 16x24x8cm.
  • These unique womens bags are made of cotton thread, gold chain – eco-friendly and are sold for $153. 

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2.4. BgshpTreasures unique womens bags

  • An elegant and pure design raffia bag with white as the main color and gold sea chain. A dress is perfect to pair with this raffia.
  • These unique womens bags are sold in the color white with the dimensions of 18.5x11x19cm.
  • You can bring these unique womens bags to your closet for $35.

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