Top 5 best Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam has historically prided itself on being a superb coffee-growing country. Until now, Vietnam coffee manufacturers have been popping up like mushrooms after the rain. 

Overview of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Since Vietnam has been the world’s leading producer of coffee for many years, the fact that there are so many Vietnam coffee manufacturers is a good indicator. This will meet the world’s coffee demand.

Vietnam coffee manufacturers development

Our country’s economic growth strategy now includes coffee manufacturing as a key sector. Therefore, the number of Vietnamese coffee manufacturers has risen dramatically in recent years.

  • People with long-term expertise in cultivating and caring for coffee plants have strengths in terms of climate, geography, and weather…
  • Since then, the coffee industry has made some promising progress.
  • The export sector in Vietnam is now in a state where items are mostly shipped in raw form.

Points to note about Vietnam coffee manufacturers.

Vietnam coffee manufacturers achievements

Consequently, corporations have recently focused their efforts on encouraging the use of domestic coffee. Production has also grown by roughly 8% to 10% since then. However, it is important to note that firms must overcome their current restrictions.

  • The modernization of market operations, brand development, and distribution of coffee production through major local and international marketplaces are all issues that the leading Vietnam coffee manufacturers must consider…
  • Instant coffee is a relatively new sort of company, but it shows a ton of potential.

List of top Vietnam coffee manufacturers

The five most powerful coffee export businessmen in Vietnam must be mentioned.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Group

Trung Nguyen coffee – this reputable coffee bean manufacturer is the pride of the Vietnamese people, coming from the highlands of Buon Ma Thuot, which have nourished and developed coffee beans.
The Vietnam coffee manufacturers Trung Nguyen has not only been a pioneer in the domestic coffee market, but has also exported to more than 60 nations across the world, including the United States, Russia, and France…
Main products include:
+ Trung Nguyen instant coffee, Trung Nguyen filter coffee
+ Trung Nguyen coffee beans, Legend coffee, Weasel coffee
+ Trung Nguyen coffee shop


Intimex Import-Export Joint Stock Company began operations on July 1, 2006, after a branch of Intimex Import-Export Company was created and equitized in Ho Chi Minh City in 1995. The name of the company was changed to Intimex Group Joint Stock Company in 2011 (Intimex Group).
Intimex Group now employs over 900 people and has a charter capital of 223 billion VND. The company’s yearly income exceeds 40 trillion VND and its annual import-export turnover exceeds 1 billion USD. With 6 branches and 14 member units, Intimex’s network runs from north to south.
With a combined capacity of 570,000 tons per year, the Intimex Group has 11 high-quality coffee processing units for export.


Some brand of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vinh Hiep company limited

Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd was founded in 1991, and its headquarters are in Pleiku, Gia Lai province. The corporation has a 50 billion VND charter capital. Each year, the firm sells more than 30,000 tons of coffee and 8,000 tons of pepper to the domestic and international markets as one of the leading Vietnam coffee manufacturers. The company’s goods are currently mostly exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, and the European Union.
In addition to its own coffee plantation, Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd established a coffee production and processing network with 10,000 farmer households, all while adhering to environmental and sustainable agricultural standards.

King Coffee

King Coffee was founded in 2016, and its Arabica and Robusta coffee is sourced in part from Buon Ma Thuot. King Coffee like other Vietnam coffee manufacturers provides globe coffee in addition to traditional and Vietnamese-origin coffee (coffee beans originating from Colombia, Brazil),


K-Agriculture Factory is one of the top Vietnam coffee manufacturers, supplying wholesale pepper to over 100 nations. The company’s slogan is “Quality is King,” and it assures product quality in all conditions. The reputation of the firm may be demonstrated not only through the established product quality, but also through the innovation of the board of directors.


Director Board of K-Agriculture

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