Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers and things that are hidden

Coffee has gradually become a familiar and preferred drink of Vietnamese people. Each region has its own unique coffee flavor. Depending on the environmental conditions of the plant, each type of coffee has a different flavor. Today, thanks to the development of technology, powdered coffee has become popular, but which type of coffee is the best, not everyone knows.

Definition of Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers

Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers are individuals or businesses who sell Vietnamese coffee powder to customers, both national and foreign purchasers.

Distinguish between Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers and manufacturers

Individuals, businesses, and other organizations that offer coffee powder to a known customer or consumer are referred to suppliers. They are in charge of the supply-chain management system, which connects the manufacturer of coffee with the end-user of coffee powder.

In the coffee industry, a manufacturer is a company that is involved in the actual manufacturing process, from the raw green beans coffee to the final products as a coffee powder where coffee powder is made and purchased.

Characteristics  of Vietnamese coffee powder 

Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers provide some types of coffee powder that gain popularity in Vietnam.


Robusta is grown in many regions in Vietnam, the most famous ones are those in the Central Highlands such as Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Nong, and Dak Mil. 

Taste: Robusta coffee has a bitter taste and is popularly used for its rich flavor. The reason is due to the high caffeine content in Robusta. Not as gentle as tea coffee, Robusta coffee has twice the caffeine content of tea, specifically from 3 to 4%. 

Smell: When smelling unroasted Robusta coffee beans wholesale, it smells like fresh peanuts. The smell of pure roasted Robusta coffee beans will have a faint aroma.


Arabica coffee is the main raw material of Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers, also the famous coffee brands in the world. 

  • Taste: Arabica coffee, also known as tea coffee, has a sweet and sour taste, they only have a caffeine content of 1-2%. Arabica coffee has a mild sour taste mixed with mild bitterness.
  • Smell: The scent of Arabica coffee is very elegant, and aristocratic, has the smell of syrup, the smell of fruit, mixed with the smell of honey, and even the smell of toast… Arabica conquers the most connoisseurs of food

Culi coffee

This type of coffee is characterized by a seductive aroma and taste.

Since the coffee bean has only one bean, the caffeine content in this type of coffee is also significantly higher. When mixed into a drink, you will feel the concentration, sweet aroma as well as sudden refreshment and alertness from this drink.

Cherry coffee

Cherry coffee is also known as jackfruit coffee or Liberty Coffee. They have a faint aroma like jackfruit mixed with the sour taste of cherry, when tasted, it has a light chocolate smell combined with a little sweetness of ripe fruit, flavor, and aroma. Very fragrant with flowers and spices, giving people an indescribable feeling. Cherry coffee has a higher caffeine content than Arabica but lower than Robusta.

Must know information for readers:

How to work with the coffee bean manufacturers

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Signs of prestigious Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers

Customers should be aware of crucial warning flags to identify trustworthy Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers. You can follow some signs below to recognise them:

  • Clearly address: In order to trade and work, jasmine rice suppliers must have a clear address. This is a critical step in determining a company’s trustworthiness.
  • A website with a professional look: A good website can help build trust because customers come from all over the world. This is where they can find out about Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers, products, and the ordering process, among other things.
  • Do not urge customers in payment: When buying products, buyers must pay deposit money because the value of their order is high. But if any Vietnamese coffee powder suppliers urge purchasers to pay all the bills, they have to be alert because it may be a scam company.

Top famous Vietnamese coffee powder supplier

K- Agriculture Factory is one of the leading Vietnam coffee beans exportersK-Agriculture Factory, which was founded in 1996, as part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam’s Trade Promotion Department, is proud to be the first company to use digital platforms in the production and export of Vietnamese coffee powder, which has reached over 80 countries globally.

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