Vietnamese rice exporters: Where to find them

Vietnamese rice exporters are now prefered by many traders since many of them are well trusted by many people.

Vietnamese rice exporters: An overview

Vietnamese rice exporters are businesses or individuals that supply Vietnamese rice in bulk to foreign countries. In 2020, 6.15 million tons were distributed by Vietnamese rice exporters, earning 3.07 billion USD.
Regarding export markets, the Philippines is the biggest importer of fragrant rice from Vietnamese rice exporters, accounting for 21.9%. Ghana and Ivory Coast are the second and third, with 19.8% and 16.8% respectively.
For white rice, Vietnamese rice exporters primarily provide to Malaysia (5.7%), Cuba (12.6%), and the Philippines (63.1%). For glutinous rice, China is the biggest importer with 82.5%, followed by Malaysia (6.7%) and the Philippines (4.3%).


Vietnamese rice exporters

Choosing the right Vietnamese rice exporters will provide stable and good rice supplies for importers.

Features of reliable Vietnamese rice exporters

Reputable Vietnamese rice exporters will have the following features:

  • Legal business permits, and clear basic information about the exporters
  • Necessary qualifications about rice quality and export documents
  • Impressive past performances and good feedback from previous customers.

Characteristics of scam Vietnamese rice exporters

  • Offering too low prices
  • Lacking basic information such as company profile, and address
  • Insisting on early payments

Channels to find Vietnamese rice exporters

Where to find Vietnamese rice exporters

  • Searching on Google by the keyword “Vietnamese rice exporters”, customers can have many recommendations.
  • Attending agricultural fairs and conferences is a good opportunity for the customers to meet Vietnamese rice exporters in person.
  • Professional brokers will provide a good source of Vietnamese rice exporters because they have a wide network in this agriculture field.

Order process of Vietnamese rice exporters

  • Step 1: Finding reliable Vietnamese rice exporters through the recommended channels.
  • Step 2: Discussing prices, payment terms,s and methods with Vietnamese rice exporters.
  • Step 3: Signing the final contract to authorize the order.
  • Step 4: Finishing the payment
  • Step 5: Receiving and checking the goods, and giving feedback to Vietnamese rice exporters.

Vietnamese rice exporters: About K-Agriculture Factory

Having 25 years of experience, K-Agriculture Factory has become a leading Vietnamese rice exporter, reaching 80 countries around the world.



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