Washed Arabica bean and things you need to know

In the opinion of coffee lovers, washed Arabica beans that keep the original flavor of the Arabica beans are unbeatable. The wet coffee processing procedure is primarily the distinguishing factor between washed Arabica beans and other coffee products.

Washed Arabica bean: Overview

Arabica beans that have been washed are among the best in the world.

Washed Arabica bean definition

Arabica bean that has had the outer layers removed before drying is known as washed Arabica bean.

Washed Arabica bean feature

Customers may taste the unique and various tastes of Arabica beans that range from sweet to bitter to slightly acidic with an irresistible perfume when they are washed. Because the mucilage in coffee is removed throughout the production process, washed Arabica beans are guaranteed to have a “clean” and “coffee” flavor, indicating that the finest layers have been removed before drying.

Process of making washed Arabica bean

The main benefits of the washed coffee process are that it is less expensive to manufacture and can be done on a big scale. Sorting, pulping, fermenting, and drying are the four primary processes in this process. Washed Arabica beans are guaranteed to retain a “clean” and “coffee” flavor due to the removal of the bean’s finest layers prior to drying.

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The first process includes using a large volume of water to remove undesired pollutants from ripe cherry coffee, with damaged, seedless, or unripe coffee floating on the surface and ripe fruits sinking. Other undesirable heavy items will sink as well, but these will be sorted out later.


This procedure necessitates the use of a depulper, which separates the pulp and part of the mucilage from the cherry, allowing the seeds to be extracted.

It is critical to complete this stage promptly so that the fermentation doesn’t spoil the flavor.


Process of making washed Arabica bean


The leftover seeds go through two processes in this step: biological fermentation and machine oiling.

  • Biological fermentation

Arabica seeds will be washed and placed in a big tank with water for 18-24 hours to eliminate any floating seeds or meat. Any drastic temperature swings or sloppy fermentation will result in a bitter taste in the washed Arabica beans’ final product. After that, the coffee beans will be physically examined to verify that all of the mucilage has been removed.

  • Oiling by machine

By rubbing coffee beans without harming the actual beans, this machine will ensure that no mucilage is left on the seeds. The ideal resultant beans should have a smooth, non-cracked surface with a high level of friction.


After the fermentation process is completed, the seeds will be dried in direct sunshine or under artificial illumination. There are certain conditions that coffee bean producers normally follow to achieve the optimum flavor and quality: piling the beans 2 and 10cm apart and rotating the beans with a rake on a regular basis to maintain a consistent drying process.

Why washed Arabica bean is different from Arabica with other methods

Many people say that washed Arabica beans are more fragrant and acidic than natural Arabica beans, but that they are physically lighter. Wet coffee helps washed Arabica beans keep their inherent flavor, so they’re not as sweet as honey Arabica coffee beans. While each approach has its own advantages and characteristics, it is worth noting that the drinking habits and cultures of the customers have an impact on the method chosen. ers normally stack the beans 2 and 10cm apart and turn them with a rake on a regular basis to achieve a consistent drying process.


Why washed Arabica bean is different from Arabica with other methods

Top washed Arabica bean suppliers

Here are the top 3 reliable washed Arabica bean suppliers

K-Agriculture Factory – Vietnamese washed Arabica bean suppliers

K-Agriculture is one of the pioneer factories in offering top-quality washed Arabica coffee with excellent coffee sources and cheap pricing, with 25 years in the field of agricultural product export. Specialty Arabica Quang Tri, Arabica Lam Dong, Arabica Honey Coffee, and other goods are among its most well-known.

GA food – Brazilian washed Arabica bean supplier

This company is presently one of the greatest washed Arabica coffee providers in Brazil, with a strong reputation and large foreign orders.

Hacienda Flandes – Colombian washed Arabica coffee supplier

This coffee brand has been passed down through three generations of coffee makers, each with exceptional knowledge of the industry and a major position in the washed Arabica bean trade.

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