Founder of K-Agriculture and a global agricultural ambition

The founder of K-agriculture is a pioneer in exporting and wholesaling many products in different sectors. With a successful career and a considerate mindset, he hopes to reach new heights with his business.

Who is the founder of K-Agriculture

Mr. Daniel Trong Quy, who also owns the K-Global corporation, founded K-Agriculture in 1996. K-Corporation has had various successful B2B projects in many fields such as transportation, beauty, and agriculture. These programs include:

  • VNGATE is a B2B and B2C platform that connects Vietnamese SMEs to their international partners.
  • K-Hair is regarded as Vietnam’s biggest hair factory and a highly reputable hair with the finest quality and most reasonable price.
  • K-Render is a major 3D rendering studio whose services turn ideas into excellent designs.
  • K-Agriculture is a dynamic team that bridges international demands and Vietnamese agricultural factories. They are one of the best Vietnamese rice exporters.

What success has the founder of K-Agriculture achieved?

The founder of K-Agriculture, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy, has had many considerable accomplishments. In his career, he is a well-known business leader. He has appeared on television on various occasions to talk about his successes and how to effectively manage his businesses. The founder of K-Agriculture has published several famous books, such as “Vietnamese Rice Export Process” and “B2B Handbook”. As an individual, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy also adopts a balanced lifestyle and a mindset of leadership that helps him operate his companies efficiently.


Founder of K-Agriculture and partner

Founder of K-Agriculture and his dream of promoting Vietnamese agricultural products

Having pursued education abroad, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy – founder of K-Agriculture, is driven by his plan to make Vietnamese agricultural products a global phenomenon. Therefore, he established K-Agriculture, a business specializing in exporting and wholesaling fine Vietnamese agricultural goods. The founder of K-agriculture hopes to empower his homeland’s delicacies and expand consumption markets around the world.

K-Agriculture offers a significant range of agricultural products harvested and manufactured in Viet Nam, from rice, pepper, coffee, anise, cashew, to cinnamon, with guaranteed quality and reasonable price. The company’s motto is “Quality is King”, meaning the founder of K-Agriculture wishes to provide to his customers the finest service in the market.

The founder of K-Agriculture hopes his business will become one of the top 10 Agriculture companies in the Southeast Asian region and the world’s top 100 Agricultural experts.

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