Queen Hair, the best Vietnamese Hair Supplier in Nigeria

Queen Hair was established in 2012. Queen Hair’s factory is located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and includes 6 departments with hundreds of workers.

Queen Hair’s department

Queen Hair is proud to say that Queen Hair provides the best hair products for  customers, produced ethically. Queen Hair gathers the hair from mountain women in Vietnam. These donors have healthy lifestyles, they wash their hair with herbs and have a balanced diet. Therefore, their hair is also smooth and silky.


Queen Hair’s department

  • Weft department, our factory has professionally trained workers to produce the best quality weft in the shortest amount of time. We use the most advanced machine technology to create the highest quality hair.
  • Closure and frontal department, tons of hair types are created every month. We can create hundreds of different hairstyles with our factory workers’ extensive experience, ensuring to meet any customer’s requirements.

Queen Hair

  • Bone straight hair department. In order to achieve this hairstyle, the workers must go through proper training to make silky, smooth, and tangle-free hair. Queen Hair Factory promises to always provide the best Vietnamese product.
  • Curly department requires experienced workers with great care and expertise to create the most beautiful curls. With our high technology machine, we can produce over a hundred different curly hairstyles, such as the flexi rods hairstyles.
  • Color department is where we stand out from the other factories. With over 50 different hair colors and the most up-to-date hair dryers, we can guarantee the most vibrant color while still maintaining silky smooth hair.

The production process of Queen Hair

Queen hair supplies quality and affordable products for Nigerian customers. “Quality first” is Queen Hair’s primary rule.


The production process of Queen Hair

  • After all stages of hair production, the hair will go through the quality control department, where the staff will carefully check and evaluate the quality of the hair, ensuring that the hair will always be in the best condition when it arrives to our clients.
  • After that, the hair will be transferred to the packing and shipping department, where it will be packed and delivered to clients.
  • In addition, we have over 60 employees in the customer service, sales, and media departments who are always available to consult and chat with consumers 24/7.

We call each customer that shops at Queen Hair our Queens, and provide them with the best hair quality and customer care. We always believe that Customers are the ones who gave us our Crown.

Queen Hair’s foundation story

Ms. Jessica is the eldest son in a farming family, from a young age she has carried in her a desire to change and help the family. Jessica then became the first in her family to go to college. When she got into a top prestigious university, she was determined to make a difference.


Queen Hair’s foundation story

  • During a field trip in the mountains of western Vietnam, she discovered a very new and promising industry: human hair. After learning more about the hairstyles of these people, she was determined to set up the first hair factory in Vietnam.
  • She has spent many years learning the latest technology, learning many modern techniques to apply to the production process. She signed a long-term contract with the mountain people, every month she would go to the mountain to get her hair done. In return, they take care of their hair to make it long and beautiful, eat healthy, and wash their hair with traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Over the years, Queen Hair has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious hair product factories in Vietnam. Queen Hair is currently a hairdressing agent for thousands of hairdressing brands around the world.

Thanks to extensive industry experience, Queen Hair understands exactly the needs of the customer and the type of hair to be produced. Queen Hair has a team of hair stylists who specialize in developing cutting edge hair extensions ideas and quality of each hairstyle. Queen Hair has six departments, each of which is responsible for one job, helping all Queen Hair products reach customers with the highest quality.


Queen Hair’s foundation story

Queen Hair is always confident in her products and always tries her best to satisfy customers. For two decades, Queen Hair has been constantly improving, we thank all our customers for trusting and continuing to buy Queen Hair.

If you have any questions, contact Queen Hair through the hotline in Whatsapp (+84)844444829.

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