5 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Is Not Growing! 

It’s been a lengthy battle for me to grow good hair. Hair development can be influenced by a variety of factors, including heat, coloring, and ordinary environmental influences. The best treatment is to quit doing things that inhibit hair development.

Make sure you figure out the reasons why your natural hair is not growing to plan proper treatment. Read this blog thoroughly to learn about the changes you need to make to achieve healthy hair and boost the hair volume as well! 

Moisture deficiency

 It is obvious that our hair needs a lot of moisture to nourish the hair texture on a daily basis. People are likely to face latent problems in case your hair is lacking moisture and hydration. Anyone who isn’t vigilant about maintaining their hair can end up with dry, brittle hair. 

To keep the moisture you’ve infused in your hair, use the proper product for your hair type. When you use the appropriate product, your hair will have enough elasticity to prevent breaking and also prevent hair from splitting ends as well. Apply moisturizer to your hair as needed, whether once or multiple times per day. At least twice a month, give your skin a deep nourishment. Conditioner should be used every time you wash your hair. 

To avoid moisture loss, clean with cold water as the final step. Remember just use cold water or lukewarm, absolutely not hot one with damaged risk of scalp as much. 

Not drinking water enough 

The truth is water makes up two thirds of our body. That is why whether the hair care products are applied, lack of conditioner can make a great contribution to the dehydration and also the reasons why your natural hair is not growing. So, on a daily basis, make sure to consume at least 8-10 glasses of pure water, roughly 2 liters to maintain your hair hydrated and moisturized, and grow long and healthy hair. 

Water helps your hair grow longer by removing toxins from your body. Hair will get dry and brittle if you don’t drink enough water. Drinking lots of water will aid in the growth of your follicles and lessen the danger of breakage. Hair that is healthy starts from the inside out.

Apply harsh chemicals

Chemical elements are no longer a strange thing for people, particularly for those who are interested in hair care routine. We all know that curling your hair or body is bad for you. Did you realize, however, that chemical hair treatments cause hair shaft breakage? Always use caution when using chemicals; hair in its natural state grows faster than hair that has been chemically treated.

One of the feasible and effective ways to avoid this reason is that we need to meticulously check out the ingredients printed on the box of hair care products. Make sure you are using organic or natural hair care products to encourage the growth of your natural hair! 


Of course, genetics become the determining factor in terms of many parts in our body and hair is not an exception. Gene can have the ability to control and have a great influence on the hair volume, color shade and duration of your hair texture. 

For many cases, partly thanks to genes, you will have smooth and shiny hair beauty without much effort to take care of them. In contrast, genes also are attributed to the not growth of your natural hair. Accordingly, you need to follow the proper hair routine to avoid that why your natural hair is not growing.

Ignore scalp development 

Scalp is the home of hair strands. If your scalp is unhealthy and weak, how can you ensure that your hair grows normally? There are some problems that scalp can suffer from, such as itchy, flaking, tightness, dryness or damage, etc. 

You need to focus on taking care of the scalp with a hair mask, natural therapy to make sure the scalp is always in the best condition for the growth of hair strands. 

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