Reasons why ST05 is widely consumed in the world

ST rice variety is well-known because ST25 and ST24 rice won the highest prize in a global rice contest. However, ST05 is also a perfect choice for customers if you want to enjoy the best taste of rice.

ST05 rice: Overview

Vietnam’s ST rice lines are gradually appearing more and more in supermarkets in Europe. In which, ST5 is continuing to gain market share.

Main features of ST05 rice

ST05 is a rice variety grown in the Mekong Delta, most notably in Tran De district, Soc Trang province with a growing period of about 115-120 days. The ST5 rice variety has long and thin grain with a translucent white color, not chalky, and high content of protein. When cooked ST05 rice has a light aroma, the rice is sweet, supple, the aroma remains and is not dry.

Health benefits of ST05 rice

Unlike many other white rice varieties, ST05 is low in sugar and high in fiber, helping you maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, using ST05 rice daily will help supplement nutrients for the body, prevent bone and joint diseases due to having a high amount of magnesium. ST05 rice contains a high fiber content that can nourish beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, thereby making the intestinal metabolism easier, helping to reduce diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

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ST05 rice: Overview

Compare ST05 rice with other ST rice varieties

Rice variety Features Price
ST05 rice The ST05 rice variety is long, white-grained, not chalky. ST05 is slightly fragrant, rice is sweet, soft, not dry. 24.000 VND/kg
ST19 rice When cooked, ST19 rice is soft, has pandan leaves aroma. This is an improved rice variety with better resistance against some major pests on rice. 20.000 VND/kg
ST24 rice ST24 rice is ranked in the top 3 best rice in the world in November 2017. ST24 Vietnam rice was voted as standard long grain rice, clear white, medium sticky rice and fragrant with pandan leaves. 35.000 VND/kg
ST25 rice ST25 rice has a beautiful appearance, it is slender, long, fragrant, soft, and juicy. In particular, at the World’s Best Rice Contest 2019 taking place in Philippines, Vietnam’s ST25 rice won first place. 40.000 VND/kg

ST05 rice: Where to buy?

Rice is the main ingredient in every Asian meal, so finding places to buy rice is not hard but customers should buy authentic products to guarantee its nutrition.


ST05 rice: Where to buy

  • Through supermarket

Currently, supermarkets are the main place to distribute rice products like ST05 rice, long-grain white rice, etc. With the competitive price, many brands sell their products through this channel and customers could be reassured about quality.

  • Through e-commerce platforms

ST05 rice is easy to buy everywhere in Vietnam but foreign importers could go to Vietnam to buy in bulk. Thus, the development of e-commerce platforms helps importers to buy this type of rice easily and choose the best exporters.

  • Connect directly with suppliers

Here is a convenient way that customers could follow because you can negotiate with suppliers to buy ST05 rice at a reasonable price and high quality.

Top reliable ST05 rice suppliers

Below are the top 3 reputable ST05 rice suppliers

Tan Thanh An Co., Ltd.

Tan Thanh An Co. Ltd. was established in 2004 as an agricultural company, specializing in rice exporting. This company has exported rice to many potential markets such as China, Malaysia and Singapore. Tan Thanh An is supplying various types of rice, in which ST05 rice is quite popular thanks to its good variety and guaranteed characteristics.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory has 25-year experience in exporting agricultural products to over 80 countries. ST rice is a product that this company specializes in because ST25, ST24 or ST05 rice is popular among global customers. “Quality is King” is the motto of K-Agriculture, so importers could trust in their products and service.

Phat Tai Company

Phat Tai Company is one of the biggest rice suppliers in Vietnam. They have many certifications like ISO 9001, GMP,… Phat Tai’s products include rice, bran and rice hulls. ST05 rice is a striking rice product among many Vietnamese white rice that this supplier provides. 

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