Review collection from international customers of 5S Hair Factory

Over 30 years of establishment and development, 5S Hair has built a firm and strong trust in hair buyers, which are shown in positive reviews from world-wide wholesalers and retailers when they got their ordered products with excellent quality and experienced professional and helpful customer services from 5S Hair Factory’s enthusiastic staff. 

A close look into some stand-out reviews from international customers for 5S Hair Factory.

After receiving hair products from 5S Hair Factory, most of the customers always leave a surprisingly 5* reviews as a gift for 5S hair product quality and awesome service.

A nice review from a Russian hair extensionist on 5S Hair Factory’s products

As a hair extensionist, Ms. Alesa knows exactly what a well-qualified hair product is, and she did make a big compliment on 5S Hair Factory. Let’s see what she thought.

  • Her first impression was about 5S Hair Factory’ s great service, answering all her questions and concerns in a very effective and nice way of manner.
  • Secondly, she was very pleased about the price. 5S Hair’s product has a very reasonable and cheap price compared to other competitors in Vietnam and other countries.
  • Thirdly, she was surprised about the shipping time. It took Ms. Alesa only 5 days to get the hair she ordered. This was definitely more than what she had expected for an oversea shipment. That’s so incredible and professional.
  • Last but not least is the hair quality from 5S Hair Factory. As she said “ It’s really soft, no shedding, no fluffy after washing”. What else more you are looking for from a perfect hair extension.

  An remarkable review from a Nigerian wholesale seller for 5S Hair Factory

  Through the recommendation from his friend who had made a purchase from here. Mr Amstyl decided to give it a try and got truly impressed by 5S Hair Company. Let’s dive into his opinions.

  • His first compliment is on the sales team who gave him informative figures about the product’s characteristics,  the available promotion and advised him on the process of taking care of the hair in a proper way. 
  • Once again he was impressed about the shipping time. Very quick and safely arrived.
  • Importantly, he praised the quality of products. It’s 100% Vietnamese human hair. He purchased bundles of curly hair and their standard was absolutely out of the earth. When compared to other hair vendors in China or India where he did purchase some before, the quality of 5S Hair Factory was 1000 times way better.
  • Price is a very very sensible feature that customers consider when they buy something online or offline. Through his experience of buy hair extensions for years, Mr. Amstyl stated that 5S Hair Factory have the best products with cheapest price ever in the hair industry.

An conclusion you can sum up about 5S Hair Factory’s brand standard

Through feedback from customers who have ordered and experienced the whole process of buying products from 5S Hair Factory – A Vietnamese hair extension wholesale supplier. Here is what has built 5S Hair into a successful corporation.

  • Perfect 100% Vietnamese human hair products which are collected, sourced and manufactured carefully to reach the highest quality and long-term durability from 3 up to 5 years.
  • A very affordable and competitive price that other hostile companies stand no chances.
  • A trust-worthy hair factory with quick shipment and reliable products. What you see on the 5S Hair’s website will be what you experience in real life.
  • Enthusiastic and skillful staff who will give you the  best and professional customer service. They are very nice, caring and helpful.   

 Instruction for placing an order from 5S Hair Factory.

 If you have any questions or you do care about 5S Hair’s products, please kindly contact at the WhatsAap number  +84855555754- Ms. Lily- Sales Manager. If you are a hair business holder, please feel free to ask her any advice for your business or negotiate on a wholesale package. She is very attentive, enthusiastic and helpful.

Thank you very much for your reading and looking forward to serving you!

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