Virgin clip in hair extension

Virgin clip in hair extension, one of the most fashionable and popular hair extensions in the world these days,  is produced with the care and passion of 5S Hair Factory. The virgin clip on hair extension gathers the best features of a hair product from high quality to reasonable price. This is definitely a must- try hair product for every woman. 

 The worth-noticed information of Virgin clip in hair extension.

Virgin clip in hair extension consists of wanted features of an ideal hair product. It can not be denied that it is becoming the best-selling hair item of 5S Hair Factory at the present time. It obviously brings for you a perfect UK lady appearance.

What is an actual virgin clip in hair extension?

We can clearly guess the specialty of virgin clip in hair extension through its name. It means that the whole product is a hair collection from only one woman. There is no mix or mess on this clip in hair, so the consistency on the length and hair characteristics is 100% confirmed and assured

The interesting origin of virgin clip in hair extension 


Vietnamese ethnic women with beautiful and natural hair

It is proud to inform you that the virgin clip in hair extension has its origin completely in Vietnam, an amazing South-eastern nation.

  • The hair is tested and collected from young women aged from 18-30 years old  manually by experienced staff. At these ages, the hair is evaluated to have the best strength and great similarity.
  • Moreover, the hair donors are the women who were born and live in mountainous parts of Vietnam where the hair is protected from Ultraviolet rays, so the hair is super healthy and strong.
  • Additionally, the hair sourcing process of 5S Hair Factory is conducted very strictly and intensively. The hair will be graded into different groups depending on their fabrics and the under-qualified pieces of hair will immediately be eliminated. These steps will result in the best quality virgin clip in hair extension.

 Information on the magical durability of virgin clip in hair extension.


Attractive and charming women in virgin clip in hair extension

  • You can probably be shocked and surprised to know that you can reuse and reuse the virgin clip in hair for at least 3 years. Some can even take advantage of it for up to 5 years if they know the technique of preservation and care of hair. It’s such a crazy long time, isn’t it?
  • You will get such a big regret if you miss the chance to purchase at least one virgin clip in hair extension. Just pay a very small penny and you will become the happy owner of the most consumed and trendy hair products for 5 years. Why not? Right?
  • Please, don’t get worried if you don’t know how to take care of your virgin clip in hair extension yet. The 5S Hair’s sales team and hair experts will be there for you and reveal to you the precious secrets to keep your hair extension forever virgin!

 Some hairstyle creations you can make with virgin clip in hair extension

  • You can be freely creative with the virgin clip in hair extension. You can dye colorfully or bleach or even cut off if you want but the hair quality will still be the same.
  •  If you’re gonna attend a sexy night party, you can also “curly” it, that will help you look more attractive and mysterious. Or you can “straight” it right away, if you are looking for a gentle and calm style. 

The clear details about the size and price of Virgin clip in hair extension.

5S Hair Company provides you very detailed and helpful information about this hair extension. Very clear and accurate!

 The clear length description of  virgin clip in hair extension.

The virgin clip in hair extensions have a very large diversity in length. From 18 inch(45cm) to 32 inch (80cm). You can freely choose the length size that fits your face and style. But the recommended length is 28 inch( 70cm), an ideal length for beautiful hair.

The price list of virgin clip in hair extensions.

 It is clear to notice that the price of virgin clip in hair extension from 5S Hair Factory is super cheap and reasonable, compared to other hair vendors with the same products.

Information on wholesale buyers and order contact of virgin clip in hair extension

  • If you are a successful hair business founder, we recommend you to purchase as a wholesale partner. You can get quite a big discount and a surprising present from our company.
  • If you would like to buy it for your personal use, contact us for advice on which products, length and hair color that fits you the most.

If you want to place an order, please feel free to contact us via WhatsAap number +84855555754Ms Lily– Our energetic and young Sales Manager of one of the biggest Vietnamese hair extension wholesale suppliers will support you with your every concern.

Thank you very much for your reading and see you very soon!


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